Trade Shows, Events & Promotions

It’s easy to under-use these time-intensive marketing avenues because there are so many details...


Effective public relations is a powerful, cost-effective communications tool. With the trade and media relationships we have spent years nurturing, we can create a buzz targeted directly at your customers and prospects, while keeping within your budget. The BatterUp! Team is very good at getting the gossip going and keeping your organization, company or brand name top of mind. When opportunities exist around the globe, distance is no barrier. BatterUp! can help you reach your international audiences with the same reliability we demonstrate domestically. Our team has strong contacts outside the U.S. BatterUp! has also served as U.S. sales office for a number of leading international publications.

Marketing is a big net. Our job is to figure out the most effective way to use that net to capture the attention of your customers and prospects, whether it’s reaching trade or consumer audiences. Good marketing mixes knowledge with creativity to develop a plan with solid implementation and follow-through tactics that deliver measurable, desired results. The BatterUp! Productions media relations, social marketing and business marketing team delivers results-oriented, targeted programs and campaigns tailored to your needs.




Social Media

Millions of people and organizations use social media as a way to reach people where they congregate...

Brand Development

Your brand is your market identity— who you are, what you do, why you do what you do. Your brand is also...


Once you clearly understand the mindset and habits of your audience, advertising is often the fastest route to reaching them with your message. But that’s only half the game. Great advertising is an art that communicates quickly and memorably, supporting your overall marketing plan. Let BatterUp! develop a winning campaign for you. We promise a unique message, delivered to your targeted audience that fits within your budget.


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